what's been said about Ruthie Ristich

"I know Ruthie Ristich to be a big hearted, highly intelligent woman with a warm, honey toned singing voice and a wide range of interests and curiosity about the world. Anyone who digs fine jazz vocals, expert highly musical accompaniment with a dash of African, Latin music flavor should love this CD." -Bob Moses Rakalam

"Ruthie gives new life to this material with her intelligent phrasing, great sense of humor and acute musicianship. She is one of my favorites!!!" -Mili Bermejo

"Ruthie has been a favorite of mine since the first time I heard her sing; clearly intelligent, insightful, delightfully innovative, and always an artistic joy! We've waited patiently for this project and we sure are glad it's finally a reality!" -Rebecca Parris

"She even laughs in tune." -Hermeto Pascoal

"Ms. Ristich knows what she wants, and how to get it. She also has an
unerring ear for great material... Her relaxed, personal delivery makes it seem easy; her compelling arrangements, and the wonderful musicians she works with are a delight. Bravo Ruthie! Carefully Taught is a gem." -Brian Flick, Jazz Director KPBX-FM (Spokane, Washington)

"It's rhythmic and I like the words." -Ruth Pullen Ristich, age 88

"...a jazz vocalist of uncommon range and depth of feeling." -Boston Globe

"...the very finest jazz vocal interpretations...when she got her heart wrapped around Amazing Grace there were no word to describe the pure pleasure of listening to such a fine singer." -The Southern Oregon Traditional Jazz Society

"" -Annalisa Scarpa/Nuova Venezia, Venice Italy

"She sings songs you may remember or you'll want to remember." -Jack Reilly, Ryles International Jazz Club, Cambridge, Massachusetts

"...[Ruthie was]...singing it so clearly that it curled the hair on the back of your neck." -Harry Schroeder/Island Life, Key West Florida