Michael - Tapestry: Telarc recording artists

I received a Cambridge Arts Council Grant and Massachusetts Cultural Council grant to direct, produce and edit this video project with music by composer Patricia Van Ness. The acappella piece, part of a larger work entitled The Nine Orders of Angels, was sung in Latin by Telarc recording artists (the vocal group) Tapestry**. The group had partnered with choreographer and dancer Julie Ince Thompson who agreed to dance in front of a "green" screen for inclusion in the piece as the Archangel Michael. The idea was to make the video visually interesting for younger grade school listeners. I brought the finished piece in to different classrooms, along with the costumes and puppets (all from different countries, cultural traditions and religions). The children were curious about the editing process and how the special effects were achieved. I was thrilled to be able to hire cinematographer Robin Tams, pro lighting, makeup artists, costume makers, and with the help of some volunteer production assistants we had 3 successful days of shooting. **Tapestry consists of Daniela Tosic, Cristi Catt and Laurie Monahan. Find out more about them and where to purchase their many excellent CDs here: Tapestry

Tapestry2 from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.