Short Clips from Sam Ristich film-in-progress "Mother Nature's Son"

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No trailer yet. Still formulating overall story. Sifting through 16 years of footage...approx 50 hours shot between 1989 and 2006. More information about Sam Ristich at Sam was a walking encyclopedia of the northeast arboreal forest with an insatiable curiosity. His keen eye always led him to figure out the "how" and the "why". His greatest gift was as a teacher and motivator.
The New England Mycological Federation's annual foray is named in his honor (since 1995). This year it is being held in the Adirondacks. More info here:

A__Amanita Sam Intro_Mother Nature's Son from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.

B__Fleebia radiata from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.

C__Elderberry Pop Gun Fun from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.

D__Mother Nature's Son excerpt: For the Love of Insects from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.


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